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Allyson Lindt a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She likes her stories with sweet geekiness and heavy spice, because cubicle dwellers need love too. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Allyson Lindt’s books

Q: I just finished Toeing the Line and I’m looking for the other books in the Bits & Bytes series. Are Holding Her Close and Learning New Tricks available anywhere?
A: When these books were first released with their original publisher, they were all part of the Bits & Bytes series. However, the rights holder has changed since then, and so have the series the books belong to.

  • Toeing the Line, The Complete Serial is a stand-alone novel. It’s made up of 3 serialized novellas, Toeing the Line, Crossing the Line, and Erasing the Line.
  • Holding Her Close has been re-released under the title Denial of Interest. It’s Book 1 of the Version 2.0 series. Conflict of Interest is Book 2.
  • Learning New Tricks has been re-released under the title Graphically Novel. It’s Book 3 of the Love Hashtagged series. Book 1 is The #5Star Affair, Book 2 is Too Goode to be True, and Book 2.5 is Unconventional Fling (a companion novella to Too Goode to be True)

Q: When are you going to tell [Character Name]’s story?
A: I have several books planned in the future for my favorite characters. However, sometimes I miss a secondary character who really needs their story told. If you’ve got a favorite, and you’d like to see them in their own book, always feel free to drop me a line here:, and let me know. I love to meet and talk to readers.

Q: How come you have several different series, that all say A #GeekLove Contemporary Romance or A #GeekLove Ménage Romance on them?
A: Like so many romance and other series, each of my series focuses on a specific group of characters—friends, family members, and co-workers. However, they all live in my #GeekLove universe. So if you’ve got favorite characters from one #GeekLove series, there’s a good chance you’ll see them make cameos in other series as well. For instance, Scott McAllister, from the Version 2.0 series, appears in several other books. Chloe and Jordan, from Leasing Love, made their debut appearance in Denial of Interest. Just because a series with your favorite character has ended, doesn’t mean that character is gone from new books ^_^

Q: If all of your #GeekLove books take place in the same universe, do they have a specific reading order, outside of the individual series?
A: I try and make each book and series stand alone, however they do fall on a timeline. The reading order for the entire #GeekLove series is as follows.

  • Denial of Interest (Version 2.0 Book 1)
  • Conflict of Interest (Version 2.0 Book 2)
  • Roll Against Trust (3d20 Book 1)
  • Roll Against Regret (3d20 Book 2)
  • Roll Against Discovery (3d20 Book 3)
  • Toeing the Line
  • Breaching His Defenses (Love Hack Book 1)
  • Sheltering His Desire (Love Hack Book 2)
  • The #5Star Affair (Love Hashtagged Book 1)
  • Securing Her Surrender (Love Hack Book 3)
  • Too Goode to be True (Love Hashtagged Book 2)
  • Unconventional Fling
  • Graphically Novel (Love Hashtagged Book 3)
  • Seduction Games (Game For Cookies Book 1) (Previously released as Will Game for Cookies)
  • The Stranger and the Best Friend (The Love Equation Book 0) (Previously released as Boarding Buddies)
  • The Rival and The Billionaire (The Love Equation Book 1) (Previously released as Selling Seduction)
  • The Geeks and The Socialite (The Love Equation Book 2) (Previously released as Leasing Love)
  • The Second Chance and The Auctioneer (The Love Equation Book 3) (Previously released as Auctioning Affection)
  • The Virgin and The Kingpin (The Love Equation Book 4) (Previously released as Renting Romance)
  • Control Games (Game for Cookies Book 2)
  • The Nerds and the CEO (The Love Equation Book 5)
  • The Boyfriends and the Matchmaker (The Love Equation Book 6)
  • Hard Flip (Ridden Hard Book 1)
  • Hard Pack (Ridden Hard Book 2)
  • Riding the Wave (Ridden Hard Book 3)
  • Red Hunted (Subscribe, Live, Love Book 1)
  • Red Consumed (Subscribe, Live, Love Book 2)
  • Beauty Claimed (Subscribe, Live, Love Book 3)
  • Beauty Awakened (Subscribe, Live, Love Book 4)
  • Goldie Captured (Subscribe, Live, Love Book 5) (Coming 2019)
  • Goldie Freed (Subscribe, Live, Love Book 6) (Coming 2019)
  • Drive Me Wild (Coming Oct 2018)
  • Rebound (Coming 2019)