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Second place is the first loser.

Tristan Hough is an Olympic silver-medal winner in snowboarding.

Which, as his coach pointed out, was just another time he came in second. Tristan no longer settles for runner-up. One of many reasons sleeping with his best friend’s ex is out of bounds.

No reason to make that mistake twice.

Especially when an investigation is launched against Tristan’s real estate firm, accusing him of using the charity she runs as a tax shelter. Conflict of interest? Add it to the list of ‘Why staying away from Victoria is critical’.

Except she’s pregnant. And the child is his.

He’ll support the kid. That’s what money’s for. Everything else about her is hands-off. Who cares that Victoria’s got Tristan’s brain and libido so twisted, the most skilled black diamond boarder would jump at the chance to ride those seductive curves? Giving in to temptation could topple both their worlds.

He’s not going to let lack of discipline destroy everything he’s worked for.

Never again.

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