Valkyrie’s Legacy

Odin cursed this valkyrie to endless death and rebirth. The immortal men she’s loved throughout time are determined to keep her alive in this life.

Valkyrie Reborn

She’s the last Valkyrie, cursed by Odin to die and be reborn again and again. The immortal men she’s been fated to love throughout history are searching for her in this life to keep her alive.

Kirby’s an elite sniper, trained by the gods to execute their enemies. When those same deities turn on her, she turns to the only person left she can trust. Her handler helps her plan her vengeance. He’s her partner and protector, but she wants the one thing from him he refuses to give—his affection.

Starkad would go to war with the gods to protect Kirby, but there’s one thing he can’t do for her—tell her the truth about their past. That his wolf has never stopped searching for her, his mate. That she’s cursed because she surrendered her immortality for him in her first life. If he tells her too soon, he risks her destruction.

When fate tosses Kirby’s other mates from her past back in her path—a Celtic Trickster god and an Egyptian God of Fertility—memories of her previous lives begin to emerge.

She needs to recall everything to become a Valkyrie again and regain her immortality. If the gods she’s hunting get to her first, she’ll be ripped from her shifter, from her gods, one more time. But this time, there may be no returning from death.

Start reading this reverse harem paranormal suspense today, and see why readers say Valkyrie Reborn is a “story where nothing is quite what it appears to be”, “an addictive fast read”, and “PHENOMENAL!!!”

Author’s Note: Valkyrie Reborn contains mention of self-harm and thoughts of suicide.

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Valkyrie Hunted

Every lover. Every betrayal. Every death.

Kirby remembers it all. The gods will pay for the suffering they’ve caused in this life and those she’s lived before. The only questions are where and how?

She has new allies and lovers, but with a lifetime of betrayal guiding her, she doesn’t know who to turn to. The trickster god who makes it easy to throw caution to the wind? The god of passion who sparks delight, terror, and desire with a single look?

Kirby desperately wants one of those people she trusts to be the berserker who set her on this path both then and now, but lifetimes of playing both sides changes a person.

Time is running out for her to find answers. Both about her lovers, and the gods she seeks to destroy before they can act on the prophecies that will allow them to topple modern empires.

Failure means not just her destruction, but the death of thousands.

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Valkyrie Concealed

Their choices. Their battle. Their lives.

Hel has flipped the kill switch, and the race is on for Kirby to stop the countdown before it hits zero.

Kirby swore she’d never return to the TOM academy. With the lives of all the students at risk, she has to push aside her personal demons and confront her past.

Having her former lovers—those who swore they’d let her go her own way—back in her life isn’t so great for her mental stability either.

Kirby’s caught in a web of lies and murder.

Will saving TOM’s latest victims destroy her sanity and the life she’s finally building for herself and those she loves?

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Valkyrie Crowned

Love. Death. Life.

There are prophecies no one has ever heard. Tales that stretch beyond the beginning of time.
They foretell love. They predict death. They tell of a fate for Kirby and her lovers that no one saw coming.
And nothing will be the same when it’s over.

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Hearts in the Sand

A Valkyrie’s Legacy Prequel

Kirby doesn’t understand the pull she feels to the on-base doctor she’s serving with in Kuwait, but she’s not going to deny the attraction. Especially after two scorching hook-ups.

When he introduces her to a friend, her desire doubles. That night, her pleasure does as well.

Gwydion and Min have been searching for Kirby for centuries. The Valkyrie the loved in her previous lives, who’s been reborn over and over.

Sparks are flying, but so are RPG’s. If they can’t show Kirby the truth about her past, and help her achieve immortality, they may lose her to death again.

Author’s Note: Hearts in the Sand was previously released in the Saved Between the Sheets anthology. It’s been edited and contains a new epilogue for this solo re-release.

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