NEON (Paranormal Menage Romance)

They were raised by the gods as assassins, but these women have broken free to find their own fates, loves, and forevers.



The gods exist. And they want me dead.

I was trained as an assassin for some of the oldest names in mythology, and Hel was my taskmaster. But when one of our own took her out, it was decreed our lives would be the sacrifice that would resurrect her.

Screw that.

Fortunately, I’ve made some influential and supernatural friends over the years, including Freyr, a god of sex and love, and Fenris, a wolf shifter with a heavenly heritage. They share my strong distaste for the other gods. They also own NEON, the hottest burlesque club in the Underground, and want me to be their new opening act.

Will that put me right in the public eye, and tell the gods hunting me exactly where I am?

Freyr, Fen, and I hope so.

As long as I get to my hunters before they get to me.

Author’s Note: NEON is its own series in Allyson Lindt’s Valkyrie universe. You can take your first step into this world here. However, this series does contain spoilers for the Valkyrie’s Legacy series by Allyson Lindt.

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For the first time in my life, I know where I came from, and I can embrace my heritage.

But the price on my head has grown, and those closest to me are in danger as well.

Freyr will never forgive me if something happens to Fenrir. I don’t blame him–I won’t be able to forgive myself if I lose either of them.

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When I was granted immortality, I hoped I could put one of life’s worries behind me–that a powerful group of gods want me dead.

Turns out undying isn’t as literal as I thought.

I’ve got some powerful people fighting by my side, including a phoenix shifter with a sexy AF accent, and a god on the inside of the same organization trying to kill me.

I’ll gladly take their help in the staying alive department, and I definitely don’t mind that the arrangement comes with physical benefits of the naked and horizontal variety.

But I can’t offer more than that. Not an eternity, or a lifetime, or any sort of love, because it becomes more clear every day that nothing is forever, and trust is the most fleeting thing there is.

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I’ve been brainwashed. Manipulated. Lied to. Hunted.

I’m still here. Fighting and stronger than ever, with the people I love by my side.

But if we don’t put an end to the threat, if we don’t cut off every head of the hydra that calls itself TOM, and ensure none grow back, we’ll never be safe.

The biggest problem? TOM feels the same way about us, and if they find me first, they’ll ensure none of us survive.

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I’ve had everything–everyone–I loved stripped from me.

I have my sister back, but I’ll never forgive the god who said he loved me, and lied. And I’ll never forget the phoenix shifter who can’t remember me now that he’s been reborn.

Both men left me with a secret. Something that will get me killed if anyone finds out.

Something I have to tell them, in order to survive.

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The final book Allyson Lindt’s heart-stopping, paranormal MMF series, NEON.


I know how to save the people who matter. How to get my family back. How to finally destroy the god who wants to see us dead.

No matter the cost.

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