Spunky with a Geek Side

These FFM stories explore the balance between life, love, and three people

Charm the Geeks


Chloe and I are notorious in the gaming world. Each new trade show stunt—from a fake marriage proposal to taking overbearing corporate egos down a notch—keeps us the us in the spotlight.

When I’m arrested in front of the cameras for a crime I didn’t commit, my boss discards me in favor of the next bad boy (but not too bad). Turns out there is such a thing as bad publicity.


In our private lives, Jordan and I are just trying to get by, like anyone who hit adulthood being famous for their tentacle art and slash fiction.

What would the public say if they knew their favorite naughty couple was vanilla in the bedroom? There are days I question if we deserve our reputation, and even more days where I wish we lived that life.


I should be content to be a modern day, corporate princess. My family name slips easily from tongues when people in this town talk about where the cash lives. But I’m desperate to define me.

Chloe and Jordan offer me a night of exploration for all three of us, and wow the memories.

But my name on top of theirs makes a feeding frenzy for the sharks. After all, in a world where scandal sells more advertising space than innovation, three people can’t have a private happily ever after.

Author’s Note: This book was previously released as The Geeks and The Socialite. It contains three people discovering who they are both in front of and behind the cameras. It’s an FFM romance with all sorts of pairings—MF, FFM, and FF.

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Screw the Boss

My new girlfriend is my boss’s wife.

Family is the biggest ‘F’ word. My father wanted a son. Or at least a princess of a daughter. Instead, he got me. Most things I do are to give him the middle finger, including working for one of his company’s biggest competitors.

My new girlfriend is one more step toward proving I’m not the daughter Dad wanted.

The fact that Kenzie’s married makes it easy to remind myself it’s not permanent. The fact that her husband, Scott, is my sexy-as-sin boss?

The scandal would shatter Dad’s world.

Problem is, Kenzie and Scott are becoming more family that I’ve ever had , and I don’t know which would be worse–losing them or letting them into my life.

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