Three Player Grind

Women in their 30’s and 40’s, re-discovering life, love, and how much potential there is in loving two other people

The Roommates


My ex taking our daughters to Disneyland is his latest way to prove Dad Rules and Mom Sucks.

While they’re riding roller coasters, I’m taking a trip of my own—a long deserved island getaway for one. And I’m letting my eldest’s swim coaches stay at my place while we’re all gone, and their apartment is fumigated.

Except a last minute work emergency means I’m stuck at home, rather than lying on a beach enjoying the view.

First time I see Colin wandering around the house shirtless, I realize the view has come to me.

First time Tanner offers me an entirely different type of vacation—the no-clothes-horizontal-grind kind—I almost cave.

But I can’t hook up with a man almost a decade younger than me, and definitely not two of them. Can I?


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The Agreement


Raising twins by myself wasn’t the life I pictured, but the three of us have done pretty well together. They’re in their senior year of high school now, and I’m thinking maybe I can finally get back into the dating pool.

Given that my late-husband was my high school sweetheart—my one and only—and it’s been more than twenty years, I have no idea where to start. Do I swipe right, speed date, or maybe just stand on a corner and shout forty and single, please date me?

When an associate offers a trade—my business knowledge in exchange for his hook-up expertise—I jump on the agreement far faster than I should.

But I draw the line at taking the coaching into the bedroom, especially if his best friend is joining us. This cougar knows better than to ogle the cubs nearly a decade younger than me. Don’t I?

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The Layover

Winner of the 2023 Passionate Plume Award for Steamy Romance


I love being single. I don’t answer to a significant other or any children, and I get to see the world on the company dime.

Next stop? Milan. The longer than expected layover in New York is a bit of a bummer, but the night I spend with two strangers from my flight? H.A.W.T. I don’t know which I enjoy more—the way words roll off their tongues in their incredible Italian accents, or the way they use those tongues on me.

When I reach my destination, I realize Diego and Raul are my employer’s newest investment. It’s my job to make sure their high-end restaurant opens without a hitch.

As long as I’m here, it’s not a big deal if I spend another night—or five—with them, is it?

But their five-year-old, Eloise, has a different vision for my future, and hers includes me making a long-term commitment to her daddies.

Regardless of what she thinks, when this job is over I have to go back to my life in The States and they’ll stay in Italy. Whether I like it or not.

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The Exception

Midlife crisis or midlife celebration?

I’ve been the responsible one my entire life, including raising a son by myself. With my boy growing up and moving out and me hitting my mid-forties, I’m looking toward all the things I missed out on in life. Hooking up with the hottie a decade younger than me, when I was halfway around the world in Italy, should’ve helped me scratch that let loose itch.

Instead, when I meet my brother’s new screenplay writer, I want another chance with another younger guy.

Then I realize the men know each other. Have a history with each other. Which makes me want them both even more. I don’t even know who I am anymore, but this new, adventurous me is either going to get me in extraordinary trouble, or ensure I have the time of my life.

Responsible me knows it’s time to step back and behave, but I can’t help but make exception after exception for just one more taste. When secrets come to light that could destroy all of us, I wonder how much of a mistake I made trading responsibility for fun.

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