Truth’s Harem

The gods want Lexi dead, and her mother haunts her dreams from the underworld. But Lexi’s fated to a hellhound shifter and two heroes, so at least fate doesn’t completely have it in for her.

Fate's Illusion CoverFate’s Illusion

If the gods realize Lexi is the daughter of Hades and Persephone, she’ll become their next sacrifice.

Lexi’s only path to safety is to free her father from the prison the other gods have trapped him in. To do so, she must enlist the help of a loyal and gorgeous hellhound, and an obnoxious but sexy hero.

No one warned her about the trials that await.

The maze that threatens to consume her. The rampaging champion who can kill her with a single blow. And the vengeful ex who would slaughter them all without a second thought.

And she definitely wasn’t warned about the loves fate has in store for her.

When she discovers Cerberus’ and Actaeon’s lies, she may lose both her heart and her life, regardless of what fate wants.

Author’s Note: Truth’s Harem is a #WhyChoose series, where the heroine finds her happily ever after with three partners. The third will be introduced in Book 2, Innovation’s Muse

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innovation's muse coverInnovation’s Muse

Inspiration builds empires one day and topples them the next.

The battle with the gods isn’t going the way Lexi anticipated, which forces her to side with the lesser of two evils—Zeus and the asinine inventor he swears will make things right.

Icarus has no interest in helping the bratty hero who broke things that didn’t belong to her, but his attraction to Lexi is impossible to ignore, and the things she can do with illusion inspire him in new and amazing ways.

Icarus is only the beginning of Lexi’s problems. Cerberus is keeping secrets. Actaeon’s past love is back in the most inconvenient manner imaginable. And the dead are trying to increase their numbers by calling loved ones to the other side of the veil.

To make matters worse, Lexi can hear those voices crying in pain. Suddenly working with Icarus doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

Now she’s faced with a choice she never thought she’d have to make: side with Zeus, side with the dead, or let it all burn?

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apathy's heroApathy’s Hero

The king is dead. Long live the queen.

Lexi has been torn in three. With each piece of her scattered to a new corner of the universe, it will take all of her strength, plus the men she loves, to put things right.

But fate isn’t done screwing with her yet. The trials she’s faced in the past are nothing, compared to what awaits on the other side of death.

None of the possibilities before Lexi are desirable—surrender, die, or fall headfirst into the unknown.

But the choice may no longer be hers.

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