Three Player Tag-Team (Poly/Menage Romance)

They’re creating the hottest, most controversial game out there, exploring scorching threesomes both in-game and in their real lives.

Random Encounter


I’m both terrified and thrilled to be the new artist for the hottest coming soon game in the industry–double entendre intended.

The start-up gaming company I work for likes to push boundaries, including adult ratings, no limit on in-game partners, and some moderately graphic depictions of all the different ways to get down and dirty with two or more people.

Given that I’m inching my way toward forty and my experience in the bedroom is limited to a couple of less than attentive ex-boyfriends, I’m not sure I can pull off the realistic designs that are expected of me.

Two sexy men have got my back… and my front… and every bit of me from head to toe. Because they’re going to help me work through the various positions the game is supposed to portray.

In front of a camera.

For drawing reference, of course.

And as long as I remember this is all for purely research purposes, I’ll be fine.

I can remember that, right?

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Dual Wielding

I’ve loved Danny for as long as I can remember. As a friend. As a band mate. As more. We had a good run as a couple, but I walked away for fame. Talk about a big-time screw-up. No wonder I’m almost forty, still single, and singing in dive bars for beer tickets.

When Reese and I split, I was adrift without an anchor. I climbed into the bottom of a bottle and made myself at home. Brandon pulled me out and showed me life on the other side, enough that Reese and I could make a fresh start as a band, but not as more. Never again.

There’s no missing the chemistry between Reese and Danny on stage. They could power a room with the sparks. But Danny’s mine. When an end of show kiss shows their chemistry never faded, I know I can’t keep them apart forever.

Is there a way the three of us could have it all, or will one of us lose everything?

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Matchmaking in Progress


I’m forty years old and the people in my stories get more action than I do. I’m happiest writing fanfiction and coupling my favorite characters: Dean and Cass. Crowley and Aziraphale. Spock and Kirk…

But when I see the sparks that fly between my roommate Quentin and my co-worker Jeremy, I have new favorite ship.

Hooking them up makes me realize how much I care for them, but when they discover I’ve been manipulating the situation, I may lose them both.

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Achievement Unlocked


Love is supposed to be happily ever after, but I don’t buy it.

I thought I’d found my perfect guy… twice. Five years ago, I walked in on Number One with my ex-best friend. This morning, the day I was supposed to marry Number Two, I found him banging the wedding planner.

Wedding’s off, and I’m done spending so much time trying to make myself perfect for the right guy. I’m almost forty and it’s time I lived life for me.

Fortunately, my brother’s (super sexy) best friends are there for me. From bungee jumping to getting down and dirty in the hay, they’re happy to help me check things off my bucket list.

It’s a good thing I’ve sworn off love, or I’d find myself falling for two men again. At the same time. But I know better than to make that mistake again.

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Dungeon Crawl

They think I’m the enemy.

The internet believes I’m the obnoxious know-it-all who breaks video games for a living on my vlog. Really, I’m painfully shy in person. There are only two men who knew the real me, and they’ve only ever met my avatar.

When I meet them in person I realize they’re the programmers for one of the games I’ve trashed the most. Elliot–the grumpy lead who has a secret of his own, and Link, the gentle giant who hides a gooey heart under his hard exterior. They take one look at who I really am, and it’s game over for our relationship before we even leave the load screen.

There’s a fine line between lust and hate, and it isn’t long before the three of us find ourselves in the middle of a sexy bet, built on spite and desire.

If we can’t work our way through our animosity, the delicious ways we get each other off won’t make up for our broken hearts.

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Boss Level


It’s lonely at the top.

I knew it would be when I clawed my way up here, trading away favors and any personal life to get to where I am today, the head of the hottest new video game company in the industry.

When an old friend calls in one of those favors, I’m happy to help Xander out. His partner, Dominic, needs to impress some conservative clients, and showing up to get-to-know-you dinners with a heavily tattooed man on his arm isn’t the way to do it.

And there are far worse things in the world than pretending to be Dom’s fiancée.

When the fake kisses with Dominic start to feel real, I realize there’s something missing in my life. Worse, I’m starting to realize I never should’ve let Xander get away.

But the three of us together will bring everything we’ve worked for toppling down around us. There’s no way love is worth that kind of sacrifice.

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