Ridden Hard (Contemporary Romance)

From the top in their class in extreme sports, to making their impact in the corporate world, these boarders aren’t afraid to come in hard and fast.

Hard Flip

Fading away is a bitch…

Mischa Dozniyov is a three-time X Games Skateboarding Champion.

Fifteen years ago that meant he was king of the tail slide and had his choice of tail. Now his past makes it PR-suicide to put his name on his commercial real estate business. He’s working his way toward reputable when some unknown crashes his website to extort Mischa into giving them a job.

He’s ready to tear the arrogant jerk a new one, until he meets her.

Ash is sexy, reckless, and living paycheck-to-paycheck to support herself and her younger sister. Mischa tells Ash she can have the position if she proves herself. In the meantime, if she poses as his fiancée, she gets stability and financial security, and he gets a ready-made family, complete with the aww factor, to make him look respectable.

It’s the perfect proposal.

As long as no one finds out the engagement is fake. And Ash’s past doesn’t come back to haunt them. And she and Mischa remember those white-hot sparks that fly between them, every time they touch, are just for show…

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Hard Pack

Second place is the first loser.

Tristan Hough is an Olympic silver-medal winner in snowboarding.

Which, as his coach pointed out, was just another time he came in second. Tristan no longer settles for runner-up. One of many reasons sleeping with his best friend’s ex is out of bounds.

No reason to make that mistake twice.

Especially when an investigation is launched against Tristan’s real estate firm, accusing him of using the charity she runs as a tax shelter. Conflict of interest? Add it to the list of ‘Why staying away from Victoria is critical’.

Except she’s pregnant. And the child is his.

He’ll support the kid. That’s what money’s for. Everything else about her is hands-off. Who cares that Victoria’s got Tristan’s brain and libido so twisted, the most skilled black diamond boarder would jump at the chance to ride those seductive curves? Giving in to temptation could topple both their worlds.

He’s not going to let lack of discipline destroy everything he’s worked for.

Never again.

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Riding the Wave

A Sexy Stand-alone Spin-off in USA Today Bestseller Allyson Lindt’s Ridden Hard Series

When the past and present collide, is the risk of falling in love worth the reward?

The entire network for Spencer’s theme park crashes on Christmas Eve, and it’s the rotten cherry on top of an already sucky night. Fortunately, the on-call tech is the perfect distraction. Sexy, smart… and his best friend’s much younger sister. Talk about off-limits.

Trina’s ready to give the asshole on the other end of the support line a piece of her mind—how dare he take out his frustrations on her because his night is going bad? When she comes face-to-face with the gorgeous owner of her company’s biggest client, drooling replaces anger. She’s always had a thing for Spencer, but her memory lied about just how hot he is.

Trina has a hard enough time proving she’s as good, or better, at her job than the guys she works with, without adding in another rumor about her sleeping her way into the position. And Spencer’s ex-wife is looking for a way to prove he can’t keep it in his pants when it comes to the women in the office.

Is riding the wave of lust worth the risk, or will it bring everything they’ve worked for crashing down around them?

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Drive Me Wild

She’s starting a new life.

He’s reclaiming the one he lost.

Ginny’s not embarrassed that she put herself through college by stripping, but the job leaves other people with preconceived notions. Doing her residency on the other side of the country, where no one knows her past, seems like a good way to put the that behind her. She just needs to find a ride, and a judgmental geek with more opinions than common sense is her best option.

Mason screwed up when he pushed away the love of his life, and now she’s marrying someone else. He knows he can win her back if he can just talk to her in person. Hell, he’ll crash her wedding rehearsal dinner on the other side of the country, if he has to. Taking love advice from his traveling companion—a woman who takes her clothes off for a living—isn’t ideal, but he’ll try anything at this point.

Pulling away each other’s masks has consequences neither is prepared for. Their hearts and lives may never recover from being driven wild.

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