Third and Main

Small town romance… times three.

Dev Girl


He’s just not that into me.

I learned a long time ago that romantic love is for other people. Men don’t want happily ever after from geeky girls like me, especially now that I’m creeping into my mid-thirties.

Luckily, that’s not what I have with Maddox and Onyx. My co-conspirators. My Wonderland Crew. My direct lifelines to the absurd—including competing in the annual radio station scavenger hunt, which seems custom made for music geeks like us.

This year, we’re going all out. Holing up at Onyx’s together so we can focus on the contest. Putting in late nights. Falling asleep in the same be… Adding a with benefits clause to our friendships.

Could I have love from either man?

When Maddox is forced to reexamine his world, and Onyx tells us he sees this as our last hunt together, that he’s leaving, I realize I’ve fallen for the wrong men again.

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Nerd Girl


My misguided heart is going to cost me my business.

Once upon a time, I fell for the wrong man, and realized too late he was screwing my wallet rather than me. He’s gone and I’m done with giving anyone my heart.

But when my best guy friend gets into a chest thumping contest with a tattooed hottie, and they want me to be the tie-breaking vote about which of them is bigger and better… How’s a girl supposed to say no to that? Especially when they’re each promising an exciting ‘climax’ for me to judge?

Two problems: First, I have to look Gage in the eye every day after, and tell myself we’re just friends. Second, it turns out Sawyer is a big city billionaire here to buy me out of my small town family hardware store.

Worse, they’re both keeping things from me. The kind of things people in a small town love to gossip about. The kind of things that wreck hearts.

It’s a good thing I know better than to give mine away again, right?

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Pin-up Girl


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

My best friends each found not one, but two perfect men. My little sister wants me to be her maid of honor and pick her the perfect dress for her wedding. Even the boy I loved almost my entire life has found his happily ever after with someone else.

When my online guildie, Brodie, suggests I find a Plus One for the festivities, to keep me from looking like the thirty-seven-and-still-single that I am, I turn to my childhood friend, Clint. When Brodie shows up on my doorstep ready to be my fake boyfriend for the month, I realize he meant himself.

Now I’m caught between my sister-turned-rampaging-bridezilla and two faux beaus who are better at making love feel real than I imagined was possible.

Until I catch not-my-guys-after-all making out with each other.

So much for my happy ending.

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