Valkyries Rising

Valkyries Rising is a #WhyChoose multi-author series where the heroine doesn’t have to pick just one mate.

In these pages you’ll find strong heroines who don’t back down, and the shifters, gods, dragons, and other immortals who love them and fight by their sides.

Valkyrie Destined

by Allyson Lindt


I’ve spent my entire life preparing to face a series of prophecies about me.

The thing about training to be a badass, it doesn’t leave time for much else. When I meet Zeke, my counterpart, my prophetic equal, and the man I’m supposed to kill or be killed by, he’s been living his best life.

And he’s happy to teach me about just having fun… loving… actually living, rather than trying to kill me.

I’m torn between the new life Zeke offers, and the security I know I need from Davyn, the berserker who’s been my guardian longer than not. The bear shifter I’m thinking more and more non-badass thoughts about as time goes on. Inappropriate thoughts. Sexy thoughts.

But the prophecies don’t give a crap who or what I want, and ignoring my destiny in favor of my heart may be tempting, but it won’t keep me alive. And it certainly won’t stop the gods I’m meant to defeat from bringing about the end of the world.

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Valkyrie Lost

by Shannon Pemrick

As the god of war and bringer of order and justice I can have anything. Except one mortal woman.

I came to Astrid’s prayer for justice. Why, I didn’t know. I should have left after that, but I didn’t. Something about the mortal woman lured me like no other had. It was wrong, I knew that. I should have allowed her to live out her short years as they were intended.

Yet, not even I am a match for a yearning heart.

From shared drinking horns to unforgettable nights, I am determined to bring her the honor she deserves, just as she has sworn to shield me from the horrors of the world. But when trouble amongst the gods stirs, Astrid may just pay the price for my transgressions.

And the price for spilling the blood of my Valkyrie, is one too steep for any god.

Valkyrie Lost is book 1 of Astrid’s slow-build, #Whychoose story within the Valkyries Rising series consisting of Valkyrie Lost, Valkyrie Renewed, and Valkyrie Freed.

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Valkyrie Renewed

by Shannon Pemrick


The world needs saving, and my magic can help. Too bad I have no memory of this power.

I have everything I could want: a loving father, my just best friend Diego, and our family mountain retreat where lost souls come to find themselves. And yet, I find myself feeling like there’s something missing.

When a scarred, weary warrior with a missing hand, looks that could kill and melt my insides, and an air of familiarity rolls up, I begin to wonder if it’s not him who is lost, but me.

Fighting the way Diego’s smiles sends my heart skittering, and ignoring Tyr’s crazy talk of gods and a past history with him thousands of years ago, becomes the least problematic parts of my life when nightmares of menacing black wolves return to haunt my dreams, and magic begins to fly from my fingertips.

When the truth becomes too much for me to ignore, am I up to the task of healing a broken world, or will the wolves again go for the throat?

Valkyrie Renewed is book 2 of Astrid’s slow-build, #Whychoose story within the Valkyries Rising series consisting of Valkyrie Lost, Valkyrie Renewed, and Valkyrie Freed.

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Valkyrie Restored

by TB Mann


Memory loss can be a blessing or a curse… I just haven’t decided which.

Five years ago, I awoke in a Greek hospital with no memories except for a name, Elin, some numbers, and a restless urge to search for something. Since then, I’ve travelled the world looking for a place where I can finally rest. BiFrost, Manitoba is where I find home.

Or maybe it is just my sexy, married neighbours, Arran and Hurrit, that make me feel that way. They own a charter service for hunters and fishermen, for people who want to explore. And boy do I ever want to explore.

As we draw closer, secrets need to be shared. Ones that can either make us or break us. The problem is… I don’t even know my own.

But when all is revealed and the dust settles, will the relationship we forge be one of the casualties?

Valkyrie Confused

by Sotia Lazu

I’m a creature of habit. I have breakfast at the same time every day, follow my writing schedule religiously, and go to bed before ten on weekdays. Wild adventures are for my heroines, not me. Nothing is allowed to mess with my schedule, even when I move halfway around the world, to Greece, and buy a mountain guesthouse.

Except the caretaker that comes with said guesthouse makes some valiant efforts. He and his friend—ex?—give me a story crazy enough to be in my next book. Hell, parts of it were in my last book. How’s this possible?

Hold on. They’re talking berserkers and Odin and… Valkyries?

Okay, being a Valkyrie could possibly mess with my schedule. And so could falling in love with two immortals.

Valkyrie Condemned

by Allyson Lindt


I left the violence of my father’s world—the underworld he controlled—behind the moment I was an adult. I had no idea that the destiny waiting for me was even darker.

I’m happy running my comic shop, renting the room upstairs to an adorably naïve priest in training, and pretending to be bothered when Dad’s oh-so-sexy right-hand man stops by to check on me every few weeks.

But then the dreams start. A woman who looks like she could kill Thac—my self-appointed bodyguard—with a glare tells me I’m destined to be a Valkyrie. Caleb—the man renting a room from me—manifests powers of his own. And I realize I’ve tumbled into a world I never could’ve imagined.

Along with my Valkyrie sisters, I’ve been called on to do war against an old god. My roommate and the ancient being who seem to worship me will either be my biggest allies, or my downfall. If they clash with each other, if all three of us can’t come together to fight with my new Valkyrie sisters, the world will burn.

Valkyrie Unchained

by Allyson Lindt

I thought I was a mundane, boring geek girl, whose father was some sort of mob boss. I knew Dad’s second in command was sexier than any man had the right to be, but that didn’t make him a god. And I assumed my roommate was nothing more than an adorkable man with a gift for languages.

Turns out none of that paints the full picture.

Which is why I’m hiding from Odin, who wants to use me for my latent fae power, while I’m frantically searching for Caleb—a secret dragon—and doing a horrible job of ignoring how desperately I want my father’s former general. Did I mention Thac actually is a god?

The worst part is, if I can’t figure out how all these pieces fit together before Odin enacts his plan, I’ll lose my family, my new friends, the men I’m falling for, and a world I’m only just realizing exists.


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Valkyrie Freed

by Shannon Pemrick


Killing immortals doesn’t take as much effort as one might think. Killing gods? That’s a whole other story. And when it comes to killing my mother… Don’t get me started.

I thought I knew everything about my life, until a Norse god of war showed up at my family’s retreat with literal centuries of baggage—some of it mine. Turns out I’m a woman with lifetimes of magic that I knew nothing about.

Now, I’m a Valkyrie. Did I mention, my father turned out to be immortal and my best friend is now my boyfriend? Oh, Diego’s a dragon, too. And said Norse god? Tyr’s my boyfriend too. All of that is plenty of crazy for any one person.

It doesn’t stop there for me—my mother has tried to kill me twice now, and is allied with my enemies. And Loki—the one god’s blood I crave to give me vengeance—might be the one who has the answers I need to give me peace.

On the rollercoaster that is my current life, I’m faced with one turn after another, and a couple of loopty-loops, of magic and possibility. Power that could bring more of my past back from the grave, and in doing so rekindle smoldering embers that were snuffed before they became more, hundreds of years ago.

The big question is—what will I have to sacrifice to see him again?

Valkyrie Freed is book 3 of Astrid’s slow-build, #Whychoose story within the Valkyries Rising series consisting of Valkyrie Lost, Valkyrie Renewed, and Valkyrie Freed. Valkyrie Freed MUST be read after the events of Valkyrie Renewed and Valkyrie Unchained.

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Valkyrie Shattered

by Allyson Lindt


I knew my ascension was only the first of several prophecies around me, and given that went nothing like I expected… Who knows what the rest will be like?

The one thing I’m certain of is that Loki is coming for me. He’s been hunting me for years, and I doubt the fact that I’m a Valkyrie now will make him magically reverse his path.

But I have one boyfriend who’s a dragon and the other is a thousand year old Berserker, and the three of us together should be able to handle one, single god.

By the time we figure out what Loki’s actually up to, though, everything we thought we knew is on the fast track to destruction.