I got to go Christmas shopping on Saturday – woot! ^_^ I spent a little more than I meant to, and I’m not done yet, but it was a blast and I found some awesome stuff. I made it to FYE right after they opened, so all of the employees were still happy and chipper. The guy in the DVD section totally upsold me into buying a second movie.

Him: Can I help you find anything today?
Me: I’m looking for Watchmen on bluray
Him: Awesome. You’re my new friend. That movie rocks. It’s on sale, too. Anything else I can help you find?
Me: Um…
Him: Inception.
Me: (thinking ‘can I afford that? that movie kicked ass.’) Maybe
Him: No, not maybe. Come on.

So Watchmen ended up being really cheap and while Inception wasn’t, I still walked out with both. Still need to go out and find pajamas and necklaces. And a book. Which oddly enough, the bookstore didn’t have. So I’m probably going to have to order it today and pay extra for shipping. But we’ll see. I’ll be calling around first to see if I can get it locally.

This morning my lovely children helped me wrap the gifts. By children I mean cats, and by help I mean gnawed at the wrapping paper and cardboard boxes, almost lost their whiskers to the scissors, and used the tape dispensor as a toy. But it was adorable anyway. Now I have to figure out which presents we open on Christmas Eve and which need to be secret until Christmas morning.

It’s our two traditions – every year we each get a new set of PJ’s to open Christmas Eve, and we open all the other presents I’ve put under the tree as well. The rest stay secret until the next morning. Oh, and I guess #3 is a carry over from growing up. There’s not really breakfast or lunch on Christmas day, it’s more of an ongoing snack fest/buffet where we line the table with cheese and crackers and sweets and just nibble as is convenient. Though that might have to change a little this year with the new kitten who only knows that if there’s food in the room, its his.

I may be sporradic this week and next with posting, and then at the beginning of the year, I might actually be back with structure and stuff. Might. Structure really isn’t like me, but I like the gimmick of having a TLIF every Friday, and things like book reviews and similar stuff the rest of the week, so we’ll see.

Happy Holidays All! ^_^