It’s a busy-insane week in my part of the world. We’re in the middle of a major project at work, and on the writing front I’m prepping for the release of two novels. Holding Her Close will be available on July 1, so I’m making last minute everythings to make sure it’s ready. And Toeing the Line is slated for August 19, so we’re hip deep in edits.

Because of that, my poor blog is feeling neglected again, but I haven’t walked away from blog land completely. This week is publisher week on Romance Lives Forever, and they’re featuring Liquid Silver Books (who happens to be my amazing and brilliant publisher as well).

My book, Conflict of Interest, was featured on Monday, along with a ton of amazing new releases (seriously, these authors are wicked talented, so check them out if you want something new and sexy to read.

And today is their spotlight on authors , I see me in there again, but more importantly, all of my talented publishing pals from LSB. So hop over if you have a moment and meet some brilliant talent.