Tomorrow is June 1, and that means so many things. The talented Sofia Grey has a new book out on June 12 (eep, yay!), I get to see the sunshine before work, and our youngest (and largest) cat turns 3. He’s an adorable black cat who moved in and decided long ago he was pack alpha. Except that he’s terrified of everything.

Also, it means there’s only a month until Holding Her Close, the spicy prequel in my Bits & Bytes contemporary romance series, is released. Even though this will be my second novel, I’m only just learning why authors say that last month before release is insanely busy. I didn’t do a lot last time around, and I think it might be time to change that.

For starters, I have a mile long list of sites to contact about things like reviews. Also, I’m putting out a call here. If you would like a review copy of Holding Her Close in exchange for an honest review, leave a comment below (and say you’re interested in reviewing) or email me directly @ allyson [dot] lindt [at] gmail [dot] com. I have no idea if this will generate a response or not, but it’s worth a try, right? 😀

I’ll have review copies ready in about 1 week, to hopefully give readers plenty of time before the July 1 release date. Holding Her Close is category length (about 55,000 words/160 pages). Also, out of everyone who contacts me before June 8, I’ll randomly pick 1 person to win a copy of Conflict of Interest in the digital format of your choosing.

Any takers? I’d love to hear from you!

And in case you’re wondering what Holding Her Close is about
Zach is haunted by ex-girlfriends. The day his fiancée dumped him she also sold her shares of his multi-billion dollar corporation. On top of that, that girl who broke his heart in high school – the only woman he’s never been able to forget – is back in his life. She’s filling his business partner’s head with delusions of recovering from the hostile takeover, and haunting his most vivid fantasies. But he’s got a plan to solve half the problem: one night together and they can put the past behind them.

It’s been more than ten years since Rae talked to her high school sweetheart. But running in the same circles –her best friend is his business partner – has caught up to her. Rae is seeing Zach everywhere, including her explicit, rampant imagination. When he proposes a single night together for closure, she hopes it will be just what she needs to move on.

The past and the present intertwine as “Just this once” becomes “Just one more time.” Especially when Rae discovers the solution to Zach’s business problems. Can he trust her enough to risk his heart and livelihood a second time, or will experience convince him to walk away from everything?