My A-Z theme for the month of April is romance and the modern, technology-driven cubicle dweller (like me).

I work with computers, specifically, databases. In my line of work, as with most lines of IT, whenever something is running to slow the answer is simple – throw more memory at it. (I’m only exaggerating slightly)

Application’s not running fast enough? Add more memory. Computer is booting too slow? Add more memory. Windows takes too long to load? Add more memory.

This frequently happens, in my opinion, because as developers we’ve become accustomed to the fact that it’s an option. That we can write out applications as big as we want, because someone will just add more memory. Computers can always go faster, right?

As people, it’s not that simple. We can always add more memories but we can’t add more memory. So I figure we have to make sure we eliminated developer mentality (if you’re a programmer, don’t throw things at me, I’ve done my time there). We have to focus on those moments that are worth our memory. We can’t just take then for granted, we can’t stash away the low moments or the painful ones, especially if it means discarding the glorious ones. The tender ones. The celebratory ones. The amazing, marvelous, and splendid memories.

We only have so much space in our heads, and even though sometimes it’s easier said than done, the effort can be well worth it. What’s one of your favorite memories?