I have such exciting news to share, and you can probably already guess at least vaguely what it is from my blog post title, but hopefully I can toss a little bit of a surprise in here to make reading this post worth your time ^_~

First of all, with Conflict of Interest being my debut novel, I had no idea what to expect. Everything I read everywhere didn’t prepare me for the reality. (Okay, it did a little, but a lot of things were still a surprise. Also, for the entire month of June, my two best-writer-buddy CP’s and I are doing a series of posts about three different journeys to publishing, and I’ll probably talk more about that in those posts.)

But now it’s been a week, it’s been fantastic and fun and the support has been so incredible that I just have to do it again. Of course, I think other things compel me to do this again as well, but let’s not complicate this with the psychology of an artist, let’s give all the credit to release week instead.

Okay, enough babbling, here’s my news ^_^

First off, and so very, very exciting (we celebrated all weekend), Bits & Bytes Book 2 Toeing the Line, has been contracted by Liquid Silver Books! A handful of you read this book in its first incarnation a year ago when it was called Leasing Love. It’s been heavily overhauled since then, but Riley and Zane are still fun to their very core. Think friends with benefits, a brooding, former airman, and possibly a couple of silk scarves.

As soon as I have more info, like release dates, blurbs, cover, all that great stuff, I’ll be sharing ^_^

And second, because I can’t make this post too short, and only announcing one thing seems so…normal and sane. I’m super, extra excited to announce I’ll be releasing a Bits & Bytes Book 0 (prequel, anyone?) because two of my favorite characters, Zach & Rae, are demanding I tell their story and it all begins before anything else. So Holding Things Close is coming in early July!

So, YAY!!! ^_^

PS Speaking of incredible support, I’ve been invited to appear on a number of blogs over the last week and it’s been a ton of fun. But Mina Lobo has posted just about the most insightful, wonderful review ever of Conflict of Interest, and Mina absolutely rocks my socks, so go check out her blog, and give her some follower love.