My A-Z theme for the month of April is romance and the modern, technology-driven cubicle dweller (like me).

Throughout the month, I’ve touched a lot on the way modern romance for us technology dominated folks involves modern technology (go figure). Email, texting, Skype. And a lot of people who have stopped by have agreed. Sometimes that little note from far away (whether far away is your significant other’s office, or a thousand miles or more), can make all the difference and make your smile huge.

And seduction is no different. For me, the initial word summons a physical interaction. A touch, a smile, a hand on his arm, or rested against her cheek.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Seduction can be verbal and very much remote. Flirting taking to the next level, usually less tentative, and frequently with someone you’re not worried about pushing you away. Yes, a simple, “So, what are you wearing?”, spoken with confidence, or typed the same way, can lead you both down paths that are absolutely amazing.

But even though I’ve done both real life and digital seduction (in my books and in real life, how meta is that?), face to face still wins out in this one for me.

Brushing a finger along the edge of your partner’s ear. Resting your hands on their hips. Having them move up behind you and run their lips over your neck.

Yup, for today in-person seduction wins. At least for me. What about you?

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