My A-Z theme for the month of April is romance and the modern, technology-driven cubicle dweller (like me).

I sat in a meeting today, like I do on so many days, and listened to a group of people try and reach consensus on something. They were all trying to have the same understanding of the same piece of information.

It was not a pretty process. Many things were repeated in many different ways at many different times. But in the end, there was understanding.

In a romantic relationship it’s a lot the same (except with any luck, if the boring conference room is involved, the conference table isn’t being used for computers). Common ground is so important. Compromise. Understanding each other, even when you don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes that understanding comes easily, and sometimes it’s a little more painful.

But with that special someone, it tends to be worth it. Especially when resolving that misunderstanding leads to making up after 😉

How do you approach finding that common ground of understanding?

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