My A-Z theme for the month of April is romance and the modern, technology-driven cubicle dweller (like me).

From Xystus was the Greek architectural term for the covered portico of the gymnasium, in which the exercises took place during the winter or in rainy weather, etc. The Romans applied the term to the garden walk in front of the porticoes, which was divided into flower beds with borders of box, and to a promenade between rows of large trees.

Xystus – it sounds a bit exotic, doesn’t it? And looking at the origins of the word, a covered portico, a garden walk divided into flower beds, it sounds like it’s got a lot of exotic potential as well. So maybe a gymnasium doesn’t sound like the most romantic place ever, but a tucked away spot used for physical activity in the rain, that’s got a lot of potential.

Or maybe I’m reaching just a little bit. But still, I read the definition of this word and the images that danced in my head were of an early spring morning, pouring rain, a couple tucked away from the storm, a building surrounded by flowers and trees…

Not quite the definition of the word, but still a romantic thought.

What kind of romantic, isolated weather do you like do daydream about?

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