My A-Z theme for the month of April is romance and the modern, technology-driven cubicle dweller (like me).

Once again, I’m hijacking my own A-Z post. I do hope you’ll forgive me, since today is the book birthday for my debut contemporary romance, Conflict of Interest.

I’ve already got a blurb and other info posted here, a free glimpse of the book here, and filled many of my A-Z posts with quotes from the book. So instead today I wanted to do something different, but that’s very important to me.

I wanted to thank everyone who’s helped me reach this point. I know I won’t get everyone, just because not only has this not been a solo journey, but so many people have inspired, helped, motivated, and pushed me over the last few years. But I’m going to make a list anyway.

First and very most important – Alixandria <3 - there are not enough words.

To Janeal and RaeChell, thank you for putting up pretty much non-stop with my insanity, bolstering my ego, and telling me when I can do it and when I can’t.

And to Kathryn and Leela Lou, for helping me recognize the ins and outs of this story. I’m so very glad I found them.

Then there’s, Dustin, who always asked if I’m still writing, and who let me bounce pen names off him until I found one that just fit.

Thank you to Breanna, Kate, Laura, Cathy, Mires, Dawn, Lisa—and absolutely everyone who’s ever read my work on That list alone could go on for pages. Their encouragement drove me through the highs and lows of learning to tell a story.

To everyone who I’ve met since I started blogging – that list is definitely too long, but you’ve all been amazing and friendly and fantastic to get to know.

And thank you to Liquid Silver Books, the staff, and all my amazing fellow-authors for giving me a chance, and making this such a great ride.

And now, since this is starting to feel like an award acceptance speech instead of just a way for me to show my gratitude, I’ll stop. But I still can’t thank everyone enough <3