During the entire month of May I’m hosting a reverse blog tour. Rather than send y’all to other people’s blogs to read about me, which you already do if you’re a regular here, I’m introducing you to some amazing and talented authors from all walks of life and genres.
Today I have the privilege of introducing you to the kind and talented Elle Rush, one of four authors of Liquid Silver Books short story collection, Beneath a Spring Moon. When Elle told me her shifters in Bear With Me were a little different from others, I knew I had to get to know them. And I wasn’t disappointed. Bear and Manon were a blast to talk to, and I’m going to let them run the show for the next few minutes ^_^

Bear: Hi, my name is Bartholomew Cain but everyone calls me Bear, even before I turned into one. I’m a senior computer trouble-shooter for North Star Cable. If your TV goes on the fritz, I’m the guy they call to fix the satellite.

Manon: Hello, I’m Manon Martin. I’m a Natural Resource Officer for the province of Manitoba. They used to call us park rangers. I met Bear when I was called in on a strange grizzly bear sighting. It was stranger than you’d think. Our story is “Bear With Me” in the “Beneath a Spring Moon” shifter collection from Liquid Silver Books.

Tell us about your favorite childhood memory. A game you played, a ritual you had with friends, or something else.

Bear: Blue Jays weekend, definitely. Every year since the first grade, my parents would find a weekend over summer holidays when the Jays had back-to-back home games and we would go down to Toronto and it was baseball all weekend. Even once I went to university, I always made sure I could go with them.
Manon: So the baseball thing is genetic?
Bear: Yep. How about you?
Manon: Snow days. If the buses weren’t running, we’d get to stay home from school with my dad. I miss snow days.
Bear: Hey, we kind of met on a snow day.

Family first or friends?
Bear: Family. But if friends are good enough and they’ve been around long enough, they pretty much become family.
Manon: I’m stealing his answer. It’s a good one.

I’m hearing that a lot, Manon. Seems like a good thing to keep in mind. Tell me, what’s your least favorite job?

Bear: Reloading computer software after somebody accidentally deletes program files.
Manon: I told you that the computer did that all by itself.
Bear: It’s not A.I. It doesn’t randomly delete bits of itself to save humanity.
Manon: First of all, Skynet IS TOO real. Secondly, it’s a computer. I never said it acted logically.
Bear: Do you know the definition of computer?
Manon: My least favourite chore is dusting. Enough said.

I think your least favorite job is real similar to mine, Bear. But I have to agree with Manon. Skynet is too real. So on a more pleasant note, what’s your favorite dessert?
Bear: Baklava. Honey and pastry and honey and walnuts and spice.
Manon: You said honey twice.
Bear: It’s worth repeating. Your turn.
Manon: All of them.
Bear: She’s not kidding.
Manon: I’m really not. But if I only got to pick one thing, I’d pick cake.
Bear: What kind?
Manon: All of them.

If you could have any one thing (not cake) in the entire world, what would it be?

Bear: Pizza.
Manon: Pizza.
Bear: Really?
Manon: Of course, really. Who doesn’t love pizza? And if it were the only thing I’d ever eat again, I’d want something with a lot of variations.
Bear: You are entirely too logical.
Manon: There is even a candy pizza with a cookie crust so I’d still get my dessert.
Bear: Heaven forbid you don’t get your dessert.
Manon: Easy, there, honey bear, or you won’t get your dessert.
Bear: Shutting up now.
Manon: Thanks for letting us visit, Allyson!

Well I can’t argue with that logic. Thanks to both of you for visiting, it was great fun! Anyone else have any questions for Bear and Manon?

Want to know what Bear With Me is about?
When Bartholomew “Bear” Cain set up camp in the Manitoba wilderness to get an unobstructed view of a meteor shower, he had no idea he was going be exposed to an alien element and merge with a grizzly bear. Learning to control the shift is hard enough, but when poachers steal his gear, Bear has to learn to survive.

Manon Martin, a conservation officer sent to look for a rogue grizzly, but obsessed with finding the missing man, discovers both when Bear saves her from a wild animal attack. Manon vows to keep him safe—not just from the returning poachers, or through the cold winter’s night, but into the future beyond, assuming they both survive.

You can find Elle, her fantastic story, and excerpts at
All Romance Books
Liquid Silver Books

And visit Elle’s website while you’re at it

And just who is Elle Rush?
Elle Rush is a Canadian romance author from Winnipeg, Manitoba. When she’s not travelling, she’s hard at work writing her hot sci-fi shifter and contemporary romance eBooks which are set all over the world. Elle earned a degree in Spanish and French, barely passed German, and is starting to learn Italian and Japanese. She has flunked poetry in every language she’s ever taken. She’s also has mild addictions to tea, cookbooks and the sci-fi channel. Follow her at www.ellerush.com or on her Twitter account @elle_rush.