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Allyson Lindt a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She likes her stories with sweet geekiness and heavy spice, because cubicle dwellers need love too. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.

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Allyson Lindt’s Novels

Ridden Hard (Contemporary Romance)

Ridden Hard is a pair of sexy, spicy contemporary romance novels that follow best friends who started extreme and ended up corporate.

 Ridden Hard Books 

The Nerd Love Equation (Contemporary & Menage Romance)

Love is more than just ones and zeroes

 Nerd Love Equation Books 

Love Hack (Contemporary Romance)

Professional whitehat hackers struggling to balance career, love, and their sanity

 Love Hack Books 

Toeing the line

Toeing the Line (Contemporary Romance)

They toed a line while he was gone. Flirting. Dirty-talk. Mutual masturbation. Nothing was off limits. Now he’s back and these best friends have to figure out where they stand.

 Toeing the Line 

Hacking Wonderland (Romantic Suspense)

In a world where everything and everyone has a price, Reagan races against time to discover if Hatter or Hare owns Jabberwock’s bounty on her head

 Hacking Wonderland Books 

Game for Cookies (Erotic Menage Romance)

Take two men and  one woman, add a little suger and a lot of spice, and heat until scorching.

 Game for Cookies Books 

Love Hashtagged (Contemporary Romance)

Results may vary when mixing business with pleasure, especially with careers and fandom are on the line.

 Love Hashtagged Books 

3d20 (Erotic Menage Romance)

You’ll never look at a D&D game, MMORPG, or anime convention the same way again.

 3d20 Books 

Version 2.0 (Contemporary Romance)

2 best friends, 2 shots at success, 2 happily-ever-afters… 
2 re-releases

 Version 2.0 Books 

Ubiquity (Urban Fantasy)

The eternal struggle between heaven and hell has gone corporate.

 Ubiquity Books