Contemporary Romance

Allyson Lindt’s Contemporary Romance Novels

Love Games (Contemporary Romance)

Love Games is a series of stand-alone contemporary romance novels, with office romance, second chances, friends to lovers, and all your favorite ways to fall in love

 Love Games Books 

The Love Equation (Contemporary & Menage Romance)

Love is more than just ones and zeroes

 Love Equation Books 

Ridden Hard (Contemporary Romance)

From the top in their class in extreme sports, to making their impact in the corporate world, these boarders aren’t afraid to come in hard and fast.

 Ridden Hard Books 

Love Hack (Contemporary Romance)

Sexy hackers, boardroom romance, and corporate intrigue. Sometimes the thing love needs most is the last thing it sees.

 Love Hack Books 

Fake It (Contemporary Romance)

When it comes to romance, it’s never as simple as a one-night stand. The question is, what will the be faking the morning after?

 Fake It Books 

Hacking Wonderland (Suspense)

In a world where everything and everyone has a price, Reagan races against time to discover if Hatter or Hare owns Jabberwock’s bounty on her head

 Hacking Wonderland Books